Interested in stepping up your commitment even more? Become an Ambassador! As an Ambassador for , you’ll be at the forefront of this great new journey by helping us introduce the event to your community and create awareness of the fight against cancer. That will give you a direct hand in the success of this exceptional endeavour.

Ambassadors in The Ride are the fundraising leaders and/or champion Ride recruiters. Ambassador status is automatic when you hit the required thresholds. An Ambassador is any Rider who fundraises a predetermined amount and/or recruits a predetermined number of Riders who also raise the minimum, and any Team Captain who has a predetermined number of team members who raise the minimum.

Cyclists who reach the Ambassador level will receive special recognition and other benefits to be announced. If you recruit someone, make sure you inform them to enter your Participant Number on the registration form as the person who motivated them to sign up!

If you have any questions about the Ambassador Program of The Ride, email us at .