Am I on my own when I'm on the road?

Not at all! We’re with you every step of the way. On Day One, meet your fellow participants, and kick off the event with a smile. Along the route, we will provide you with water, sports drinks, snacks, plenty of portable toilets, and lunch. At Camp on Saturday night, you’ll have catered meals and hot showers, and you'll spend the night in a cosy tent. You can eat a hot, nutritious dinner and then enjoy the evening's entertainment or spend some time getting to know other Riders.

Why don’t you announce the route ahead of time?

Though the location of Opening Ceremonies, Camp, and Finish Line will be announced well in advance of The Ride, the route will not be pre-announced. This is strictly a safety precaution as the route may have to change at the last minute due to traffic signal failures, broken water mains, or any other unforeseen issues.

If you still have any questions about The Ride, simply send us an email at .